Can drug use affect the quality of sex?

Erectile dysfunction results, in most cases, as a consequence of some physiological factor, so it is always advisable to visit a specialist doctor to rule out such factors before entering to look at other possibilities.

Of course, sometimes physiological factors are not the only ones that affect male erectile function, so an excellent psychological diagnosis is also important, but in my opinion, you should never miss the physical checkup in this type of problem.

 There are those who even consider it an aphrodisiac drug.

It is quite possible that the continued use of marijuana for so many years results in erectile difficulties for man. Drugs, in general, alter brain functioning by modifying the production, release or degradation of brain neurotransmitters in such a way that changes occur in the natural process of neuronal intercommunication and the production and reuptake of neurotransmitters.

It is how altered sensory perceptions achieved, the sensation of pain or well-being, the rhythms of sleep, etc. Obviously, with this background, we should not expect drug use to have positive consequences for sexual activity. The altered perception they provoke ensures that sexual relationships will not live with the fullness of commitment and awareness that the couple surely expects from one.

In the specific case of marijuana, it has found that those people who use it in isolation manifest an increase in pleasure during sexual intercourse. There are those who even consider it an aphrodisiac drug.

It is due primarily to the fact that, like alcohol, marijuana has depressant effects and the considerations about its effects of physical and mental relaxation and the feeling of well-being it provides probably come from the same type of disinhibition
as that produced by alcohol. Many people use it to cope with the anxiety associated with situations that have to do with sexual behavior. The disinhibition makes it possible to avoid social prejudices and personal taboos, making the person more willing to carry out activities that, if he were not under the influence of the drug, he would not dare to carry out.

However, the consistent consumption of marijuana has much more severe effects on the sexual function of the human being. First, the chronic use of this drug decreases the levels of testosterone (male sex hormone), which results in a decrease in sexual desire, as well as its performance; understand erectile difficulties and ejaculation in man. It also affects fertility in man, reducing sperm production, while producing a greater number of abnormal sperm.

In women, sexual difficulties are also common as a result of the continued use of marijuana. As in men, it is common to see a lack of interest in sexual activity.

Marijuana also frustrates a woman’s sexual performance, decreasing vaginal lubrication, which can make intercourse painful. There is evidence that suppresses ovulation, facilitates irregularities in the menstrual cycle, can cause severe alterations in the embryo, fetal development and may even increase the likelihood of miscarriage.

Studies conducted on the effects of marijuana (not necessarily focused on the sexual response) have shown that it reduces tactile sensations and greatly lengthens the time of reflexes, which can also adversely affect the enjoyment of sexual intercourse.

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