Chinese Balls: How and when to use them?

How and when to use them?

It is appropriate to begin by inserting a single large ball into the vagina (they are easier to hold); once we get hold of it, we will add a second weight so that the weight is greater. You will quickly see that it is not difficult for you to advance in the phases; the key to making the Chinese balls effective is not in the difficulty of the exercise but in doing it regularly. If you are regular we can reach a final stage in which we will try with very narrow balls but much heavier. The satisfying thing is that you will notice the benefits very quickly and you can move from one phase to another easily. At first they may seem large but we will notice that they are introduced without problem.

how to use chinese balls

Once the ball is introduced into the vagina (in the most comfortable posture) and we stand up, gravity will do the rest: the balls will tend to fall and we will unconsciously contract the muscle to prevent them from falling. We’re already doing weights with our pelvic floor. If it’s difficult at first, you can enhance the exercise lying down. On the bed on your back, pull with a hand from the string trying to remove the balls while you contract your pelvic floor trying to make a pulse with yourself so that they don’t come out.

Hygiene is important. Before each use, wash them with soap and water and occasionally sterilize them by putting them in water for 10 minutes. Keeping them in a cloth bag is ideal to insulate them from external dirt.

How much longer?

They can be used daily and it is advisable to do a progressive exercise. At first, the first two weeks, we can start by using them for 15 minutes while walking or doing our daily chores (easy, simple and discreet); then, we can increase the time to 30 minutes. If you notice sore throb we can stop using them for a couple of days and start over again with the weather from the previous week.

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