Contraceptive options: condoms and injections

The correct and constant use of condoms is safe enough to avoid pregnancy. The condom should use every time you maintain relationships and should be placed correctly for its full effectiveness.

To prevent pregnancy, use it every time you have vaginal intercourse, making sure it is completely intact, without cracks or alterations, removing it from the newly opened container and paying attention also to its expiration date.

male condom, place it on your partner's penis before it penetrates

If it is a male condom, place it on your partner’s penis before it penetrates and while the penis is erect. Keep the tip of the condom pressed so that you leave a space without air where the semen can be deposited once your partner ejaculates and unravels it on the body of the penis.

Produced the ejaculation, remove the penis from your vagina immediately, holding the lower edge to prevent spilling the semen contained in it and once it is out, removes the condom. Close it with a knot, throw it away, and remember that condoms are not reusable.

Injections that are applied every three months are effective?

The hormonal contraceptive method that is injected intramuscularly. It is made with progestin (a derivative of progesterone) and has a contraceptive effect of three months. Its effectiveness, when properly delivered, exceeds 99%, like other hormonal contraceptives, it works by inhibiting ovulation. This injection does not contain estrogen, so it is a better option than the contraceptive pill for those women who have problems with their intake. Some women, however, experience weight gain and irregular periods as a result of their use.

It should note that this contraceptive method does not provide any protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Do not forget to check with your doctor to see if it is a good option for you or if someone else is better for you.

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