How to seduce on Valentine’s Day? Tips from a lover

So that this celebration of Valentine’s Day is special, and to enhance and reaffirm the love that unites them to their partners, nothing better than to break with the monotony, daring to follow the following advice.

Tip 1: Give yourself a sensual massage. With the term “sensual massage, I refer to an extensive, languid and erotic massage that includes nudity and intimate caresses, not the type of massage used to get rid of tensions and body aches.” It is a beautiful way to communicate love and relate bodies What follows this contact is even better.

give your partner an unforgettable Valentine's Day celebration

Tip 2: Incorporate food to seduce. We know that the combination of sex and food can be very erotic. So much so that there are several that are considered aphrodisiacs, but it’s not just about that. Look at yourself eating sensuously; the passions will begin to emerge. Dense to eat with smooth movements and sensual frictions, it’s fun and … very exciting!
It’s also special sensual cooking, prepare food together as part of the previous game … mmm. Can you think of something more delicious?

Tip 3: Give yourself a getaway. If you want to give your partner an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration, plan a romantic weekend getaway. Or at least take a few free hours during the same day of work. Get out of the daily routine. It is the perfect antidote for those couples with children who do not have much time to share alone.

Tip 4: Make love outdoors. For this suggestion, a certain level of spontaneity is needed and, above all, daring and it is not for everyone! However, for many people, it is super exciting to be in a place where they could discover infraganti.
The same fear of being discovered serves as an erotic stimulant and will turn that day into an unforgettable one.

Tip 5: The striptease. It is not necessary to know how to dance or have to have a sculptural figure to enjoy a striptease fully. What more tempting than watching your partners undressing slowly and provocatively just for you? For those who perform the Striptease is also an erotic experience in which elements such as the power of seduction and the increase of self-esteem play a large part. Dare

Tip 6: Explore your fantasies. Perhaps they have fantasized about incorporating some sex toy in their relationships, venturing into anal pleasures, or conquering a new sexual position. The truth is that everyone, in one way or another, we have fantasies, and many of us have some that we would like to take to the plane of reality. If this is your case, tell your partner, discuss the possibility of making fantasy and, if both agree, turn your dreams into reality!

Tip 7: A bath together. A bath together never hurts. In addition to saving water, they have the opportunity to pay reverence to the bodies of their partners by helping to clean them and going through part by part. Also, it is an excellent excuse to look at a wet and slippery body that is very rich. Incorporate special elements, such as rose petals, fragrances, soft sponges, lots of foam … you will be surprised by the results. The drying part also has no waste.

Tip 8: Write him a love note. If they thought that because they already conquered their partner, it is not necessary that they continue to seduce her and fall in love with her, they have been wrong. Sex is the ultimate physical expression of the love of two people who love each other. There is no greater aphrodisiac or sexual motivator than feeling fully loved and desired by your partner. What their partners want on the day we celebrate love is whether they celebrate it or celebrate it. Do not miss the opportunity to let them know what they feel!

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