Intact Is Better

What am I talking about you ask, penises that’s what. Now this is just my opinion, but I really enjoy uncircumcised penises. That is not to say that I do not like those that are circumcised, because I have had and enjoyed plenty of them. I just see major pluses with uncircumcised penises.

More pleasure for the guy, because it secretes itself

I just see major pluses with uncircumcised penises.

Provides an extra layer of comfort for their partners

Depending on its size can hit the clitoris during penetration (Simultaneous clitoral stimulation & vaginal penetration is a definite plus!)

If a man is circumcised I am not going to turn him away. We just have to take further steps to ensure that sex will be pleasureable for the both of us. During any sexual act lubrication is important and this case is no different. Using lots of lubrication will definitely help to provide a smoother ride if you know what I mean.

To each its own, but I don’t think that anyone could deny the benefits that I previously mentioned. Despite those noted benefits, the number one reason that I love intact penises is because I HATE the idea of circumcision. You can read more about my feelings in “Is Circumcision Right or Wrong”. I feel that it is genital mutilation when parents circumcise their children. If a man comes of age and decides that he wants get circumcised so be it, but I hate the idea of newborn babies receiving circumcisions.

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