Is the size of the clitoris important for the woman to reach her climax?

Not all clitoris are the same; some are quite bulky, while others are smaller and a little more hidden. However, the external size of the clitoris does not affect in any way its function as the maximum propellant of sexual pleasure to women.
It is a predominantly internal organ, and it is the density of the nerve endings internally that intensifies its sensations and causes the level of arousal necessary for the orgasmic outcome.

The only thing that could affect the ease of stimulation and, therefore, the sexual pleasure of a woman, is the position of her clitoris. The farther away you are from the vaginal opening, the less stimulation you will receive during penetration. Even so, this is only a problem if the penetration is handled just without manual stimulation to the woman, either provided by the couple or by herself.

Penetration should always accompany by direct stimulation of the clitoris

Penetration should always accompany by direct stimulation of the clitoris. Either thanks to the chosen position, where it can rub against the pubic bone of a man, or to the manual generosity of those who participate in the sexual relationship. It is fair that if the man receives direct stimulation to his main source of pleasure (the penis via vaginal penetration), the woman enjoys the same.

The standard size of the clitoris?

The only real difference between a clitoris and a penis is the average size of the portion that we can see with our eyes. Three-quarters of the clitoris remain hidden from view. The average clitoris in its entirety, both internal and external, is about four inches (ten centimeters) long, the same as a flaccid penis.

Externally, the average width is 3 to 4 mm (0.12 – 0.16 inches), and the average length is 4 to 5 mm (or, 16 – 0.20 inches). But this definition of “normality” in turn can be very variable. An external clitoris considered standard size even when its measurements almost double those established as average. Therefore, do not despair.

It should also bear in mind that androgens (testosterone) can alter the natural size of a woman’s clitoris. It is common for athletes who have used steroids to see a particular growth of their clitoris.

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